At MaE Allure we offer a variety of high quality hair extensions. All of our hair extensions are crafted from the highest grade 100% remy hair. We offer a range of hair extensions because every client’s hair differs, and we understand this.

During your free consultation with MaE Allure, we will help you choose the best type of hair extensions for your hair. Whether you are looking for length, thickness, or both, we will make it possible.

With expert precision, we colour match the extensions perfectly to your existing colour, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your desired overall look for your extensions.

Having years of experience in the hair dressing game, the hair extensions specialists at MaE Allure are technical geniuses at applying precision extensions, keeping up with the latest and best technology on the market to ensure the best and most pro-longed use of your hair extensions.

MaE Allure use only aMoreHair extensions that do not damage the natural hair.


Micro beads hair extensions are gentle on the hair, applied using small cylinder beads, these extensions are virtually undetectable. They use no glues, waxes or weaves so it leaves no damage to your existing hair.

The hair is re-usable, so after the first application the extensions just need maintenance and adjustments every 4-6 weeks (depending on rate of hair groth)

During your consultation with MaE Allure, we will determine the quantity and most suitable type of hair for your micro beads hair extentions.

Contact us for a free consultation and create the look you’ve always wanted.