At M.a.E Allure we work with you to amplify your beauty through personalised hair designs that compliment your unique style. Our Hair Stylists have the sophisticated knowledge to transform your hair to amplify your natural beauty!

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From $25

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(Colour correction and colour change by quotation)


A VIP Hair Lesson is a full 45-60 minute hair lesson customised to your natural beauty, lifestyle and individuality.

Taking place in the safe environment of your own home or our private salon, we can explore that look that you have always wanted to try out or even just update your current look! Get to know your hair!

Our professional team will show you step-by-step how to create an every day hair style, striking curls and perfect glam up do’s.

We will work with you to perfect your desired look, whether it be for a function, wedding, work or simply everyday.

Every VIP Hair Lesson will include a complete list of all the products used during the lesson. At M.a.E Allure we have no commitment to any specific brand, so you will receive an unbiased and honest opinion about what is right for you. In the end, you will have the confidence to achieve that look you have always dreamed of.



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