Tips on Applying Mascara

Every woman would love to have thick, long, curly eyelashes! Fortunately for some woman they are born with them, however for the rest of us we need to wear mascara to achieve the same look.

You would be surprised how often we are asked “what’s the best way to apply mascara?”

So here are our Top 7 Tips on getting the best result;

1. Choose your Mascara – There are so many different types of mascara out there, it is important to pick one that will give you the result you are looking for, e.g. lengthening, thickening or curling. Trial and error generally plays a big part in finding ‘the one’ and most of us who find ‘the one’ wouldn’t change it for the world!



2. Choose your Colour – If you do have red or blonde eyelashes, go for something light brown for more of a daytime look, and a dark brown for a evening look. If your eyelashes are darker then use a dark brown for a casual look and a black for a dramatic evening look.





3. Curl your Lashes – Most of us have an eyelash curler at home and never use it, even though it makes a world of difference to your lashes. Using an eyelash curler with a rubber pad generally curls your lashes a little better then the metal one that will just bend the lashes.




4. Be Careful Pulling Out the Wand – Ensure you pull out the mascara wand in one motion, most people pump the wand which creates air into the tube and dries out the mascara. This can also lead to a build up in bacteria getting in the tube which will mean that along with your mascara you will also be adding bacteria to your lashes!




5. Apply Mascara to Upper Lashes – Place the mascara wand on the underside of your eyelashes. Using a zigzag motion and the wand on an angle slowly move it upwards towards the tips, this will add more curl and definition. If you want a more dramatic look apply a second coat.




6. Apply Mascara to Lower Lashes – To ensure you use a lot less mascara on the bottom lashes remove any excess from the tip of the wand back into the tube. Starting at the lower eyelid, slowly pull down the wand to colour the lower eyelashes.




7. Remove Any Stray Mascara – Using a cotton tip remove any mascara around the eye. You can always carefully re-curl and reapply if you want a more dramatic look.


Hope these tips help you to create long, thick and beautiful lashes

<3 The Team At M.a.E Allure