Welcome to the world of M.a.E Allure Weddings

We want our brides-to-be and all you ladies out there to feel comfortable with the girls who will be “running the show” on the big day, so we thought we’d start by introducing ourselves and informing you all on some facts about us.


Let’s start by introducing ourselves shall we.


Our Hairdresser – Magda (to the left) & Our Makeup Artist – Evie (to the right)


“I’m Magda, Raised in Melbourne, with a Greek decent. I graduated from the Academy of Hairdressing at the age of  17 and always loved to style hair and be creative.

I love a good adventure, traveling is my passion!! I have been to quite a few places around the world and have been fortunate enough to be part of weddings in areas all around Australia.

Five Fun Facts About Me:

1. I cannot go a day without music.
2. I LOVE having fun!
3. I’m willing to try anything once.
4. I love taking photos.
5. I love playing words with friends.


“I’m Evie, born and raised here in Melbourne. I studied and graduated from Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in 2000 and still have the same crazy obsession about makeup that I did then.

I am absolutely addicted to makeup I cannot live a day without putting something on!

Five Fun Facts About Me:

1. My favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.
2. I LOVE anything to do with makeup!
3. I’m addicted to my i-phone.
4. I’m always the one to break the silence.
5. I wear thongs all year round!


Now, another interesting fact about the 2 of us… We have been the best of friends since we were little girls playing with our hair and makeup toys together.

Cute we know!!! 🙂